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wood stove for sauna

How to Choose the Best Wood for Your Sauna

People are becoming more aware that they can have a genuine sauna experience without breaking the budget.

There are several elements to consider when purchasing a private sauna, but the type of wood is one of the most essential. It is why it’s critical to comprehend the various kinds of wood used in saunas, and also the advantages of each wood sauna. Some characteristics you should search for in a wood stove for sauna!

Touchingly Soothing

The secret to selecting the best sauna wood is to locate one that does not absorb heat. If you fail to account for this crucial aspect, your experience may turn out differently than expected! When the incorrect sort of wood (Hardwoods) gets used in a Sauna, the temperature inside can become too hot and hazardous or uncomfortable! Softwoods, in general, release less heat than hardwoods, so they get frequently used.

Temperature Tolerant

The use of heat-resistant timber is a critical element of sauna construction. Traditional saunas, for example, can achieve temperatures of 200°F, and if the wood is prone to these high temperatures, it will discolour or deteriorate quickly. When using sauna wood heaters, heat-resistant wood will always prevent overheating while maintaining the wood’s structure.


Water-resistant surfaces are essential for keeping your sauna sanitary. It is particularly true if you have a wood stove for sauna with a heated sauna, pebbles you heat water to produce steam. You don’t want dampness from perspiration or dropped beverages to become caught in its wooden panels, which can lead to mould and discoloration over time if not addressed!

wood stove for sauna


When building a sauna, you want it to last as long as possible, so choose the best quality wood sauna. If you don’t, you’ll be unhappy because changing it will become expensive.


Some people favour scented forests, while others do not, and this is a question of personal preference. However, some people may be sensitive or allergic to the phenols in wood that cause odours; as a result, more neutral woods are better choices.

Wood burner characteristics

A correctly folded sauna burner has the following characteristics and properties:

Long-term heat retention; uniform warmth of the area; optimum temperature and humidity signs; firewood and its combustion products are not detrimental to the environment. Wood-burning sauna stoves are thermal devices used for generating. And keep the necessary temperature of the bath’s air, water, and steam. The stones are heated with charcoal to reach high temperatures. In some instances, stones get burned regularly.